Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Baby is not Yet One But She Already Knows...

...how to brush her hair, with a hairbrush.
...that lavender is the most fascinating of all the plants in the garden.
...how to drive her little car (backwards).
...that when mummy draws the shower curtain across, that means mummy is going to be out of commission for five minutes. And that is bad news and requires much crying and flapping of arms.
...how to climb up the stairs.
...that books are for flicking through and pointing at.
...that going out is infinitely more fun than staying in.
...that broccoli is yummy but green beans are horrid!
...how to howl like a wolf.
...that crinkly packets = good news.
...that keyboards are for bashing, screens are for smearing, and laptops are for closing.

Thank you Sunnytodaymama for generously giving me this award:

I am supposed to pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs. I don't know how people have the time to follow 15 blogs, let alone discover 15 new ones, so here are as many as I can manage:

West of the Pennines
Chilliwack Doula
Chatter Box Joe

I know that's pathetic, but that's all I've got folks.


Jessica said...

"...that when mummy draws the shower curtain across, that means mummy is going to be out of commission for five minutes. And that is bad news and requires much crying and flapping of arms," made me guffaw. :)

Good times.

JK said...

Thanks for the award Cave Mother. I really enjoy reading your posts too.

Unknown said...

oh that's a sweet coincidence, I just posted so similar a post about my two year old...
I discovered your blog very recently, love reading it!

Evans family said...

just popping by to say Hi. Just found your blog and wanted to 'connect' with another family that parents naturally. Looking at your blog title; I dont suppose you have read the 'earths children' series have you. I can highly recommend them. Its about a cave women...the first book is Clan of the cave bear.
.Best wishes Nigel and children

Cave Mother said...

Evans family - I'll have a look at those books!

carol b - I just had a look at your blog and left a comment. Thanks for reading.

Joe said...

RE: Earth's Children - definitely part of my favourite books as well! Such a lovely series!! And I love that it goes on for 7 books, this way you get more time with your new "friends" - I like spending time with interesting and well-written characters.

Now, on the actual reply:

I'm nominated?!

Oh my gosh, you have totally just made my day! lol It's always nice to see that you 1) have readers, and 2) have readers who are outside your circle of close friends ;-)

Thanks!!! :D

I'm away at my mom's for the week, will get to passing this on upon my return ;-)

Now I can go to bed on my little cloud LOL

P.S. Love your blog too! You're always so insightful!

Cave Mother said...

Joe - I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but for some reason the bit where you have to type in some random letters was cut off and I was completely unable to submit it. I don't know if it is a general issue or just on your last post - but anyway, thought I'd let you know. I hope you see this!

Joe said...

I did! Thanks for letting me know. I replied about it on my post as well, you're not the first to tell me. I'm not sure why it's glitching, maybe because of the outside template's HTML; in any case, I disabled the feature :)

Jessica said...

I just tagged you for a different kind of meme :)

The Awakened Heart said...

My daughter knows that when mummy steps into the shower that it means it's time for her to remove all the clothes so painstakingly put on (and with much reluctance on child's part) and force her way into shower with mummy. Loved this post - I had such strong visuals with all of that and it bought back some good memories of my Beanie at a similar age.

Cave Mother said...

Awakened Heart - sitting my little one in the shower is the only way to placate her. And, from what you say, it sounds like that is going to be the status quo for a long time to come!

Unknown said...

My little one brushes her own hair too, it's great to watch!

Lauren Wayne said...

Thanks again for the award — such an honor! And fun to get to know the other blogs you tagged.

I've finally gotten around to passing it along to some others. I had the same problem with the requirement of 15 blogs — yowzers! I went with what I could. I wanted to put you on the list, too, but that would be inexcusably circular... I do so enjoy reading your blog, however!