Monday, March 29, 2010

Brain Fry

I was going to write something deep and meaningful about the over-idealisation of natural birth or perhaps my increasing understanding of my body's slow return to postpartum fertility.

But my brain is fried, so maybe you can help me answer life's really important questions, like:

Why am I wearing two pair of knickers? (OK, the answer is that Cave Baby offered me a pair when I had already put my pants on, and she said "Bum bum" so authoritatively that I had no choice but to put them on. Then I forgot and put my tights on top).

How do you keep a coat on a toddler who has learnt to take it off?

Is it a bad idea to let my toddler play with open boxes of breakfast cereal just so I can do the washing up?

And does the fact that I cleaned the living room yesterday have any bearing on the answer to the previous question?

Is singing the "Baa baa baa, baa Babybel" jingle all around the supermarket a sign of madness, or is it acceptable for those with small children?

Eating crisps with a fork: can anyone explain why?

Maybe you'll get something more coherent later in the week. Maybe not. Ta ta!


MamaEm said...

Maybe an answer for you- if the coat-removing is constant, just put it on backwards so little fingers have no access to the zippers or buttons. It works, but you might have to explain yourself to passerby...

Cave Mother said...

Interesting idea! I'll remember that.

Pickle said...

LOL I have thoughts like this all the time!! This was funny.

joehurrycreations said...

You are rather hilarious. I just started reading your blog and so far it's really great. Keep up the good work.


Amanda said...

Coat? What coat? When said toddler goes outside and realizes how cold it is, toddler should demand coat back. Sometimes works.

Open boxes of breakfast cereal provide hours of safe and healthy entertainment!

Singing in the supermarket is required. As is singing at the gas pump and anywhere else you need to make toddler (or strangers) smile and giggle.

Crisps with a fork? Spoons are all dirty or too far away or lost in space. Should feel good you're actually using a utensil at all!

Hilarious post :)