Monday, March 23, 2009

Mothering Sunday

As I always suspected, there are no days off for a mother. In fact one of the consequences of being so attached to my daughter, being bonded so closely by the carrying, the nursing and the sleeping, is that I feel uncomfortable if I am not attending to her needs. This is natural - Dr. Sears says so. I noticed an interesting thread on a Netmums forum about mums who don't leave their babies much. It seems I am not alone!

But anyway, Mothering Sunday got me thinking about the past. This time last year Cave Baby was just making herself felt with tiny bubble kicks that I didn't even know at the time were kicks, though I was fully aware of her presence. Last year, Mother's Day made me nervous - I was carrying a four month old foetus but I was terrified of the tragedies that may befall it between then and its birth. The year before that we had not even thought of making a baby and parenthood was just one of those fuzzy ideas that may or may not have happened in the future. As the saying goes, what a difference a year makes.

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