Monday, June 1, 2009

May in Review

It's June already! I can't believe it. So, thanks again to Holistic Mama, here is my May in Review.

May has gone so quickly I can barely recall it. We are getting increasing amounts of sleep, including a couple of memorable six hour uninterrupted stints. I am loving my breastfeeding peer supporter training where I get to spend time with other mothers who share my values and attitudes towards children.

Feeding Cave Baby strawberries and watching her eat them like apples.

Cave Father sometimes gets fed up with his job, and I feel guilty that I stay at home with our baby without contributing financially.

I do not want to miss a second of my daughter's first year so I am making a conscious effort to be calmer and more present in each moment.

An insight/thought
Through the act of becoming a mother, we learn so much more about our own mothers.

Website/blog Find/Tip or Idea from web
I've been enjoying discovering breastfeeding blogs like
Breastfeeding Moms Unite, Breastfeeding Mums Blog and one of those women.

Words (quote/reading/book recommendation/1 sentence review!/anything word-related)
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is the book of your grandmother's homely advice on babies, and every pregnant woman should read it.

Note to Self
Stop worrying about the future!

Slice of home (A photo of a tiny corner of your home, or objects, that represent something about this month)

Finger painting!

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Anonymous said...

Found myself nodding at the SAHM guilt - I have bouts every now and then. The best antidote I have found is to go out and leave my husband alone with our kids for a few hours, and when I come home he is completely wiped and asks how I do it:-) Then we both feel better about our choices again!!