Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Heart My Ring Sling

I am in the midst of a love affair... with my ring sling. It is just the most useful thing ever. I have a sling like this:

...but I covet one like this:

It is perfect for a quick trip out of the house, to the park or the shops. People can't resist talking to my baby because she's right there at eye level with them. When she gets tired in the house I just scoop her up and load her in the sling and she's pacified. I can clean, wash dishes and cook with her in it, and if there are knives about or the stove is on I just swing her round behind my arm where she can't reach anything. She associates the sling with going to sleep and she's usually off within ten minutes when I feed her down for her naps. I can pop it in my bag and take it out with me when I know I'm going to have to get her to sleep. She even slept through an entire airport experience, from check-in to boarding, in the comfort of her ring sling. And it must be easy to use, because even Cave Father has finally come round to using it.

It should be writ large in every baby book. Get yourself a ring sling! Your baby will love it, you will love carrying your baby in it, and it will make your life so much easier!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with mine! Got it a couple of weeks ago after having previously used a stretchy wrap and a SSC and it's so fantastic. Here's to getting the fancy ones we covet!

Mon said...

I loved my wrap, but I wish I had a ring sling or similar quick slngy thingy. I bought a Kozy carrier and it didn't suit my neds, although it's lovely.

A sling sounds perfect for quick trips and around the house.

willow81 said...

I've had a Maya rainbow ring sling since Tilly was born, it's beautiful. I've borrowed a mei tai which I love too, although I have to say I don't often wear her nowadays.

Liz said...

I never got to grips with a ring sling - I tried several kinds and never found them comfortable. But I used my pouch sling, my wrap and the mei tei lots with both children. Neither of them would ever tolerate being put in it in the house though, If we weren't off and moving, it wouldn't work, for either of them. Ad my eldest took a bit of time to get used to being slung - she hated being in a cradle hold and it wasn't till she was old enough for a hip carry sitting up that she really took the sling.
Funny how kids can be so different!

Darcel said...

I've never used a ring sling. I do love my wraps though. Babywearing rules!

Cave Mother said...

I love my ring sling and my SSC but I haven't used a wrap yet. I have promised myself that I will hold off getting a wrap now - it seems a bit pointless now she's 10 months. But if I have another baby I will treat myself to a nice one then. So that's something to look forward to!

Yes Darcel, babywearing rules.

Rosie said...

I'm pregnant with my first baby and your blog is like a calm spot in a very confusing world! One thing I hadn't anticipated is the amount of time it takes to research all of the options when it comes to baby gear. I know I want to wear my baby, but deciding exactly how is hard work! Anyway, your posts are so reassuring and helpful. Thank you.

Cave Mother said...

Hi Rosie
If I was starting again I would definitely get a stretchy wrap like a Moby. Then when the baby was older I would get a mei-tai or somethig like that, and a ring sling if you like them.

Joe said...

It does make things easier, doesn't it! It really irks me when people keep telling me that it's harder. Gosh, no, it isn't. My mom always tries to convince me to use the stroller if we're going out, say to the supermarket. "Your back will hurt less". But my back doesn't hurt. Or when I wanted to bring stuff out of the garage and my neighbour said she would watch Ariana so I could be "freed up". While I appreciated being able to carry bigger loads, I don't consider it being a burden to freed of. I teach a knitting class on Fridays at the Early Year Centre, and when she gets tired of the toys, it works wonders in enabling me to keep teaching! :)

I have a Moby wrap and a Pikkolo - the Moby was great when she was younger (although a bit long to tie up), and now I love the ease and versatility of the Pikkolo.