Friday, November 13, 2009

A Bit Of Blog Lurrrrve

I have never done a blog love post before, so it is high time for one. I have written before about my lack of time and I don't get as many chances as I would like to read and comment on other blogs. Most days I have to choose whether to spend my free hour writing a post, reading and commenting on others, writing something else that I am working on or doing the washing up. But the truth is I do read most of the posts of the blogs I have linked to in the column on the right, and some posts from other blogs that I've discovered more recently.

I don't really like saying which are my favourites, because I like them all for different reasons. But in the interests of not sitting on the fence any longer, here are my current absolute faves:

Breastfeeding Moms Unite
Hobo Mama
This Is Worthwhile
Honest To Betsy
The Feminist Breeder

(Please don't be offended if I read your blog and I haven't put you on the list - you know how it is, as time goes by we become complacent. I love you really.)

And here are a few newly discovered ones that I am also loving:

Mummy Zen
Massachusetts Friends of Midwives (odd title, great blog)
Global Mamas
But I Digress (she's recently had a baby -congrats)
Global Mamas
Fighting Off Frumpy (this is a really funny blog)
Motherhood Moments

And to anyone who has ever linked to my site, I just want to say a great big thank you. I am a soft-hearted sentimental girl and I am always totally chuffed whenever I get a new subscriber or linker! Huge thanks also to anyone who reads or comments on this blog. I really appreciate the fact that you bother to pay me a visit - you make a little corner of my life a lot more interesting.

Enough of the mushy stuff now - back to normal service in a few days.


Hobo Mama said...

Aw, thank you! It really does mean so much to know someone out there is reading. I popped over here from my own sidebar list where your blog was showing its new post!

I have the same problem with not knowing whether to write, comment, or do something else entirely. Sometimes days decide for me — Mikko's sick, so he's been sitting on me pretty much all day, making reading my only choice!

Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to reading some new blogs — thanks for pointing me in their direction!

Melodie said...

Thank you so much for loving my blog. I love yours too. Hobo Mama tweeted this and I thought ooh, Cave Mother has a new post, I'll go check it out. What a pleasant surprise to find a link to me. You made my night! And thanks for the new blog ideas. I will definitely be checking some of them out!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Aww! I'm so glad you like my blog! I echo Hobo Mama's sentiment: it's awesome to know that someone is not only reading, but enjoying, my sometimes-mindless drivel. Thank you so much for linking to me. :)

I LOVE "blog love" posts because they always point me in the direction of some great new reads!

Bullajabbar said...

Thanks for putting me on your list, it is a little overwhelming to have someone who you don't know personally give your blog is really nice, thank you.

Jessica said...

I second everyone's comment :) And like you and Hobo, I never know what to do with my time (right now is catch-up-on-commenting time!).

I'm a big fan of your writing and I'm glad you dig mine, too!