Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pain Hammered My Blog

I find these "why I haven't posted in a while" posts a bit self-important. Does anyone really mind if I take a bit of time out? Of course not. But anyway, despite my reservations, here is one of those very posts.

I've been ill for a whole week. I'll spare you the details, but it started with me scratching at the door of A&E to get some pain relief from my stabbing abdomen, had an unbelievably uncomfortable middle phase where I was carrying more trapped wind than I thought possible, and is finishing (hopefully) with constant abdominal cramps and a fear of travelling too far from a toilet.

I've had similar attacks before so I'm going to try to take it really easy for a bit. If it is IBS then it is obviously related to stress and I need to keep that out of my life as much as possible. In other words, I'm going to try putting the kettle on and sitting back instead of diving for the computer the minute my daughter falls asleep. Maybe I'll post once a week for a while. Whatever. I thank anyone for reading, and I am sure nobody is particularly bothered how frequently I write!

In other (good) news, Cave Baby is walking really confidently on her own now. Although everybody had warned me that I would never be able to sit down again, I am in fact finding that things are much more restful than the last six weeks when I had been holding her hand ALL DAY. Walking seems to have brought slightly better sleep and a new found independence, both things that I am incredibly grateful for.

So, to rest and relaxation. A bientot.


carol b said...

Those first solo steps changed everything for us, a whole new phase really did start, it was lovely, so here's hoping for the same for you.
also wishing you well,
keep posting when you can, your blog is always one of my favourites

clareybabble said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Those first steps are the start of a whole new exciting phase, enjoy it!

Amanda said...

Tea, yes. Rest, yes. Looking forward to hearing your fresh and healthy thoughts when you return :)

And congrats to the Cave Baby! The milestones come swift and surprising from here on out.

Carrie said...

I was so impatient for my second to start walking since my first started around 10 I struggle to keep up with them both as they run circles around me!

The joys of the "firsts" can really entice you to add to the brood LOL

Hope you feel better soon! I've been getting over a mild bout of flu so sitting at my computer has definitely been secondary to hanging out in my bed :)

*this comment brought to you courtesy of IComLeavWe. Spread the Love*

Hobo Mama said...

I don't mind your taking a break or telling us about it. I just hope you feel better soon!

People always told us we didn't want Mikko to walk because then we'd have to run after him, yadda, yadda. But I think they were just trying to make us feel better that he wasn't walking yet. (He started at around 18 m.) Because once he could walk, it was so much better. He loved it and was really happy to be able to get places under his own steam. We enjoyed not having to transport him absolutely everywhere! Of course, he still would rather be carried if he can. Takes after his mother that way. I remember pestering my dad for piggyback rides well into elementary school.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi CaveMother, A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bank balance smaller, home happier, clothes dirty, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

And having a baby changes the way you view your in-laws or out-laws...
You love it when they come to visit.
They hold the baby, you and hubby go boogie at Disco, ha ha.

Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Cave Mother said...

Ah, thank you so much for the comments. My daughter absolutely loves walking, it's really lovely to see. and like carol b says, it does feel like a whole new phase. When I was laid up in bed she literally went from being a crawling baby to a walking toddler. It was most odd, but so exciting.

Jessica said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'll always check in here. I love your writing and what you have to say and I don't care if you take a 6 month break, I'll keep checking :)

global mamas said...

I know what you mean about taking a break...I haven't wrote for over a week and I feel rotten about it, but we are moving across the globe and so the packing and cleaning and organising are taking its toll on my space and time for writing.....
My little one is 15 months and has been walking since she was 11 months....I love it, she loves it and we are all cruising along happily even though getting from A to B is somewhat slower these days!!!!