Thursday, April 9, 2009

An Angry Co-Sleeping Post

I am so angry. This myth that co-sleeping kills babies is perpetuated by ignorant journalists who don't know what damage they are doing. In my free paper this week was an article entitled "Mystery Surrounds Death of Baby Boy", beginning:

"A baby died after his mum put him in bed to sleep with her, an inquest heard."

Later in the article:

"Child pathologist Melanie Newbould said: 'There is a history of children dying while sleeping in bed with parents during the first year of life.'"

The article concludes with the coroner's verdict that cause of death was unknown. He said:

"We have an undisclosed or unfound natural cause or it is connected to co-sleeping. But there is no evidence that lead me to either".

So it's actually nothing to do with co-sleeping, just a tragic death. And this poor mother has probably been made to feel guilty for her loving, nurturing actions by countless medical staff and, most recently, a journalist. I have fired off a letter to the paper. I wonder if they will print it.


Launi said...

I bet they will. Most papers love controversy. My daughter's baby is so peaceful and content. I'm convinced it is helped by the fact that she has sweet mama so close as she sleeps.

Amanda said...

My husband was so nervous about cosleeping before we had our son. But, as soon as we brought him home and into our bed, my husband was surprised to realize:

1. You're amazingly aware of your child while you sleep.
2. Babies tell you LOUDLY and STRONGLY if they are uncomfortable.

Cave Mother said...

Amanda, you are right. And, as I pointed out in my letter, UNICEF support co-sleeping. And they're not exactly a left field organisation.

Mon said...

And what about the point that co-sleeping helps the baby not sleep so deeply, unlike in a cot etc, so that there is possibly LESS chance of SIDS?

Good on you for writing to them.