Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Brain Can Never Rest When Baby Sleeps

Baby asleep in bed. Cup of tea and a sit down would be lovely. But must maximise productivity of tea making process! Have to walk down stairs - may as well grab dirty washing and full bin bag to take down. Boost stair descending productivity by picking up carpet fluff and dusting skirting board with clean side of dirty pants on way down. Collect mail from floor at bottom of stairs. Proceed to kitchen. Put kettle on. Utilise dead kettle-boiling time to put washing machine on, nip round downstairs collecting dirty dishes, eat biscuit, run washing up water, tidy up toys, load up sink with dishes. Make tea. Start washing up whilst tea brewing. Maximise productivity of trip to fridge for milk by putting some previously cleaned dishes away en route. Switch on computer to check emails whilst drinking tea. Take two sips whilst waiting for boot sequence to complete. Hear baby crying. Abandon tea, washing up and computer.


Amanda said...

Note to my husband: THIS is why it takes me so long to 1. Do the dishes, 2. Come to bed, 3. Take a shower, 4. etc, etc, etc. A task is never as simple and straightforward as one might assume.

Cave Mother said...


The Awakened Heart said...

Can I have my life back?