Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Moment to be Thankful

I'm as new to the mummy blogging world as I am to mummying. But I have been reading Holistic Mama, The Awakened Heart and Honour and Inspiration and I am amazed how heartfelt, introspective and incisive your posts are. I am obviously not alone in analyzing (or is that over-analyzing) every decision I make. Anyway, a comment on presence: like everyone I find it so hard to appreciate the moments I have been given, always thinking about the next thing, worrying about the past, fretting about what others think of me. I have one moment in the day when I have learnt to just be present. And this is it: in the middle of the morning, after a tiring night, I lie down with Cave Baby in the middle of our bed with the curtains open, light often streaming through our south-facing window. As she suckles to sleep for her morning nap I close my eyes, feel the warmth of the sun on my back and remind myself that this is about as close to bliss as I will ever get. And with that thought my body usually relaxes and I can drift off for some valuable sleep of my own.


Launi said...

I remember this exact feeling. Thanks for taking me back there. Incredible moment capture!

allgrownup said...

This is gorgeous. I remember when Boy was 3 months old, we had a birthday part for hubby, and music was blaring and lots of fun being had downstairs, while I lay feeding upstairs. I looked at my perfect son, and thought: there is nowhere else I'd rather be.