Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Real Benefits of Breastfeeding

Many people who stumble across this blog will also be readers of PhD in Parenting. But for anybody who isn't, there is a fantastic, authoritative article on the benefits of breastfeeding that is really worth a read. Like the author, I have often been confused by the many claims and counter claims about the relative benefits of breast and formula feeding. Unlike the author, I have not scoured the academic literature to pinpoint exactly what the real facts are. Read it: you will be amazed.

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Amanda said...

Fantastic resource! I've bookmarked the article and will definitely refer to it often. It's strange to feel so strongly, passionately and desperately that I couldn't imagine not breastfeeding a child you've carried and birthed while at the same time feeling like I can't step on people's toes who choose to do otherwise. It's such a fine balance.